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Why us?

Our oil is organic and vegan made in the Netherlands.  Highest quality from the best of the hemp plant. We are committed to delivering world’s highest quality cannabinoid products in their purest and most potent form.

Our full spectrum cannabinoid extracts contain no additives and the only ingredient is organic hemp.

We want to help people to live healthier and happier! With our passion to develop safe, effective and innovative CBD products at competitive prices.

Why is our CBD so beneficial?

Our CBD, created by nature, for your well-being and your health. Our CBD is natural, vegan and Made in the Netherlands. Natural hemp, high quality ingredients, industry leading standards, clinically backed formulas, and a dedication to safety at every step.

Our CBD oil consists of high-quality natural extracts, cannabinoids and terpenes, but are also subject to the highest quality standards.

We work with developers, biomedical engineers and experienced experts to create the best product for you from high-quality active ingredients. After completion using elaborate process technology our end products go through a further quality control.

Careful laboratory tests to determine the cannabinoids ensure that IZZY  is able to offer YOU an absolutely pure and professionally tested quality product. Our oil complies with the EU-approved THC limit of less than 0.02% THC. Thus, all of our products are 100% legal.

The special quality features are also reflected in the aroma of our products. The purer and gentler a hemp plant is processed, the more aromatic and effective the end product will be. IZZY cbd farm products are third-party tested to verify their integrity, so you can feel good about using them every day for greater health and balance.

Our story

With the passion to develop safe, effective and innovative CBD products at competitive prices, IZZY CBD farm has been founded by an experienced team in the Netherlands in 2018.

A combination knowledge and high quality standards throughout the entire value chain distinguish this fast growing CBD company

as reliable and efficient business partner.

Nowadays, IZZY CBD farm produces the most innovative and rich quality CBD, CBN & CBG products which are offered with our own Retail Brand, White Label and Private Label, check our catalogue for more information. Over 23 brands around the world profit from our broad product

line with different categories.

With our Research & Development department we can offer our customers personalized compositions and flexibility on their demands. As part of our rigorous quality control policy, a 3rd party laboratory analysis is conducted for each batch of product to insure its high quality level.

Our main goal is to assist our clients as an ally and counsellor in their  processes to become successful brands.

Our promise

Consumers’ trust is one of our core values, so we’ve made sure to be transparent and offer full traceability for our products. As a brand, we highly value the safety of our customers, and ensure to undertake safety measures including third-party testing for each and every one of ourCBD products to offer maximum accuracy and satisfaction.

Here at IZZY CBD farm, your safety and trust in our products is our utmost priority.You can view all our certificate forms for our products, they are included in the shop page. Each batch of our CBD oil is laboratory tested to see how much CBD is in the oil. Cannabinoids are the cannabis derived molecules that provide the main health-giving properties of a CBD product. These compounds include well known examples like CBD and lesser known like CBG, CBC, or even the raw acid forms.

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